Combat Voice Band

Cold EBM Project created in 2010 by Richard G. and Bernard F.

Richard G.: Composing, Backing Vocals, Mixing and Mastering on Keyboard and Apple computer.

Richard has been involved in 1991 in a first project called COMBAT NOISE, pure EBM with vintage sounds. Following a second project in 1993 called SIMPLICITY with Miguel B., a mix between EBM and Techno Music. Also involved in several remixes created for EBM bands like VOID KAMPF,
Richard has also a recent electro – indus solo project called BRAIN SEKTOR.

Bernard F.: Singer, lyrics, writings, and side composing.

Singer and former member of MONO ELECTRONIC DENSITY (2008-2012), FUZE BOX MACHINE (1988-1993) and MAAN (1993-1997).
Bernard has also a recent cold schizophrenia solo project called THE FACE.

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